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Full Operational Leasing

Hyundai Getz, 36 months @ 351 EUR/month!

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The vehicle is an inseparable part of current life style, especially for those working in the business management and related sectors. But the benefit of having a vehicle is often hidden under the concerns and headaches associated with its operation and related regulations, such as spending of unnecessarily high amounts when buying a new car, administrative costs related to vehicle operation, ensuring of maintenance and service, insurance settlements or at least the hassles of selling your old car.

One of our main activities is full operational leasing (FOL), which offers a lot of advantages compared to common financial leasing, and may solve the worries related to your car.

What does our FOL include and what does it offer?

  • It is not necessary to pay a deposit
  • Simple administration
  • Advising during car selection
  • We will undertake all administration procedures regarding to ordering the new car and the registration. Meanwhile we will ensure your mobility with one of our substitute vehicles until delivery the ordered one.
  • Payment of all regular charges - road tax, registration tax, etc.
  • Periodical warranty and after warranty service in authorized service centers
  • Supervision for the service included in price
  • Tire changing - each 30,000 KM
  • Driver's Insurance for all the FOL period
  • Replacement car in the same category
  • Sale of your old vehicle (under agreed request)

If you are thinking about buying a new car we are ready to offer you one in full operational leasing, for a period 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. After termination of this period you may choose to change the car with a new one, return it, or purchase it.

The main differences between full operational leasing and financial leasing

The main difference is that in the case of full operational leasing it is not necessary to pay neither the total price of the car nor any deposit. In the case of financial leasing the time period is usually 36 months, while with our full operational leasing it is 12, 24, 36 and 48 months, whichever suits you best.

During financial leasing it is necessary pay charges like road tax, driver's insurance, third party liability insurance and a host of other paperwork. With full operational leasing there is only one monthly invoice!

We are sure that our services offer you the flexibility and comfort that you require. If you are interested in full operational leasing from us, please feel free to contact us for an offer by emailing